Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ladybugs and Bunnies

Thank you for the pleasant responses to my butterflies.  So I thought to myself why not make ladybugs.  I made one and it was a start as one can see then, I figured out my ladybugs.  The body of the ladybug is quite quick but the eyes and the spots take much more time but still fun to make.

Also over the weekend I was reading The Woolly Fairyglade (thewoollyfairyglade.blogspot.com), and saw the bunny tutorial from Bairbre Aine(bairbreaine.blogspot.com), and proceeded to make some bunnies.  Please make sure to to check out Bairbre's blog and her tutorial, she adds beads for eye and a pompom for the tail.  These bunnies are super quick and fun.  I think they are fine as I have made them but I am open to constructive criticism.   Both the ladybugs and bunnies have loops on the back so they can be added to my clips, headband or with a bobbypin.  I also think they would be a cute lapel pin.  I am working on small birds but they are a work in progress. 

By the way does anyone know of a blog tutorial, I just spent 2o minutes trying to move pictures around, help?


C Maisy said...

girl, i gotta tell ya, those lady bugs and bunnies are way to cute for words. way tooooo cute!!!!

nicki said...

Hi Gwen,

I love the ladybirds....I'm in the process of making stuff for an easter egg Hunt next weekend....it's for my two girls and their friend Josh.
These will be perfect...I'm going to do Bairbre aine's rabbits too!
It seems to have become a bit of an easter tradition....my friend (josh's mum) lives in the countryside so I have lots of interesting places to hide little things!
Hope you have a lovely weekend
nicki x