Monday, May 18, 2009


When we bought our condo, I made rugs for our bathroom and kitchen.  I made all of them with Red Heart Supersaver and a P hook.  
The bathroom rugs are made with windsor blue, lilac, and blueberry pie.  The smaller rug is 24" and the larger rug is 35".

The kitchen rugs are made with soft navy and viva, discontinued print.  Red Heart always seems to discontinue my favorite multis, which is a shame the colors are so wonderful.  The large kitchen rug is about 54".  
The smaller rug is 33".


Libby said...

Oh my! These are really great rugs. What have I been missing because I never thought of crocheting rugs before. Is this by a pattern or your own work up? Lovely!

gwengoods said...

I made them without a pattern.

C Maisy said...

my goodness you are creative.
wow...i would never think to do that.
oh well....that's why i stay away from the needles and hooks!!

Just be happy! said...

those are wonderful Gwen!
I'm in the rug mood at the moment... :o)

Gloria said...

Love the rugs especially the kitchen rugs....shame redheart doesn't carry that multi yarn anymore I really like it to. I actually never thought of making a rug until I saw sandra's (just be happy) rug she made with the t-shirts. I could make a rug for my downstairs half bath. Another project awaits!!!!

Kar said...

I like the rugs. I've been thinking of making new ones for my kitchen. Just haven't found a pattern I like yet.

Isn't it awful when you really like a particular yarn color and then the company takes it away from you. I get sad. :)


mollysverrson said...

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