Saturday, August 29, 2009


I traded some clips for a tomato plant, and I put the tomato stand over it. We we came back from our midwest trip, it tipped over my stand is not tall enough. A friend told me that I could pick the tomatoes and they would ripen in the sun. Plan B is trying to let them ripen inside versus outside. I just keep propping it back up when it tips over, hoping for some tomatoes. We will just have to see.

This is the friend we found on the tomatoes. We poked and touched him so much that he moved on to a more peaceful spot.

These are the little friends that are having fun munching on my tomatoes, but not all of them.
Someone told me if I picked my tomatoes and set them in the sun, they would ripen. Well they turn red and rot on my table so we have moved to Plan B.
These are my Morning Glories, they have taken over our lattice fence. I just love the intensity of their color.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Real Quick

I have started another job at The Children's Garden Preschool. I am a mom, nanny, and now assistant preschool teacher in training so I am making adjustments to my schedule, developing a rhythm to fit everything in. I have already folded and put away clothes from the weekend laundry, written a rough draft of a welcome letter, and now for some crochet.

So stay tuned I have tomato pictures to share, and a recent trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens seeing the Henry Moore sculptures as well as beautiful flowers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roadside Flowers

Do you ever notice the roadside flowers while driving down the highway? I always enjoy seeing flowers and these blue flowers in particular are my favorite. There is just something about them, soft and airy. I spotted them while we were in Illinois at a gas station.

These other flowers or weeds are interesting too.


Friday, August 14, 2009

IPod and Peanut Butter

At the store the other day, I had to get peanut butter, and I saw this, I was tickled. I am a complete no High Fructose Corn Syrup or Partially Hydrogenated Oil person except when eating out because you just don't know. So I was delighted to find this peanut butter and Jif has made some too. I am glad the see more companies catching on to healthier eating.

And this the the IPod cozy I made for my niece Kala, and will be making more..eventually.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Free trinkets for Orla, she is really cute.

I have said I don't need anymore yarn, and I have shown you all I don't need anymore yarn. But, and there is always that but, every time I go home, I seem to find myself going to Herrschners. You all probably get the catalogs but they have a retail store as well. When I was in there around Christmas, someone drove all the way from Arkansas to shop at the retail shop, to find colors for this cross-stitch crochet afghan, she ended up buying embroidery thread to get the colors she needed. I did not get to see the afghan but the employees were talking about it.

So on our recent trip, Orla and I had to see if they had bamboo yarn for Alessandra's yarn swap and they did in the bargain section. Of course, they also had a bunch of other yarns too.
Orla was really into shopping and had picked much more than I bought.

$.99 yarns to make scarves?

These are definitely a hat and scarf set.

Market bags, I think this thread has been discontinued essentially it is two size 10 threads held together. I wish, I could make these bags faster, then I would sell them.

And yet more thread for flowers, barrettes, and clips.

The only non sale item, it is a scarf in progress. If you ever get to Steven's Point, WI stop by Herrschners.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yarn Swap and Crochet Office

Ruth was my yarn swap pattern and sent me this wonderful box with a hand crafted note, Bamboo yarn and a whole bag of chocolates, which I shared with friends when they came over to knit and crochet last week.
She also sent this beautiful bag, which I will use greatly since I bring bags to bag my groceries, especially Target trips, they still do not have recyclable bags. Thank you so much Ruth, I mailed a little something to her today, I hope she enjoys.
I know at one time, I may have mentioned my crochet office is my sofa. Recently, I rescued this unused laundry cart from the closet, now it is my crochet office on wheels.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Midwest Odyssey Part 2

First, I would like to say Happy Birthday Alesandra! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

So after we left Illinois, we headed up to Wisconsin which is where I am from and where much of my family lives. First we stopped by my dad's and then we went to my brothers. We also had pizza from our favorite pizza place in Wausau, Sam's pizza, it is thin, greasy but crispy and very delicious.
A picture of us with my grandparents, my grandma taught me how to knit and crochet.

We did go out on the boat and my dad pulled my niece and nephews in the tube. The weather was intermittently cloudy and cool and we rode in the boat but the water was so so cold, and then we had to leave because it started raining.
A rainbow after the rain. Orla was very excited.

Here we are all talking to my sister in Spain on Skyppe twice, with my dad and then later with my mom. My brother Craig with his son Marshall and daughter Kala. Oskar was hiding so, here he is in this next picture.

This is my dad's German long haired pointer, Sadie, she is very entertaining.

My dad with his other dog, a scottie named Igor.
Elvie trying to hide from Sadie.

Out on a walk after a rain.

Orla and I did sneak away to visit Herrschners but that is for another post.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Market Bag

Does anyone remember seeing this yarn or thread?
Speed Cro-Sheen was only available in a few colors, and I had 5 balls of navy and made this market bag. This pattern was in the latest issue of Knit Simple. It has a pocket to fold the bag into, and since it is a bag I didn't bother with the gauge. I think I have enough navy left over to make a hat.

Orla said, "my toys mama!"

I made the navy bag weeks ago and finished a smaller bag with this thread on the way to Illinois. This thread and color is still available, though I have had the thread for 6 years.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Midwest Odyssey Part 1

My friend Gloria is having a giveaway for her 100th blog post. I wonder how long it will take me to get to 100 blog posts, I better get busy. We returned late Tuesday from our midwest odyssey. We have two super duper travelers, Orla and Elvie both of whom needed equal number of pee stops, the pink potty travels well. I am downloading pictures as I write. Our first stop was Tinley Park to Grandma, PopPop and Aunt Kathy's house.

Orla's second ride on the carousel. I rode with her a third time, screaming because she didn't get to ride the frog. She still thinks about that frog.

Orla, PopPop, and I on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.

Downtown from the Ferris Wheel.

Oberweis, has super delicious ice cream! Awesome picture of Kevin, Elvie hoping for a bit of icecream, Aunt Kathy and Orla eating her own ice cream as well as daddy's.

Orla had so much fun with her grand parents and cousins. Kevin and I went to see the Hangover, a super funny movie, then to Sanfratello's for pizza. Kevin says a good Chicago pizza place has to end in o's. Sanfratello's, Aurelio's, Giordono's they are all our favorites.

Wisconsin will be part 2.