Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Free trinkets for Orla, she is really cute.

I have said I don't need anymore yarn, and I have shown you all I don't need anymore yarn. But, and there is always that but, every time I go home, I seem to find myself going to Herrschners. You all probably get the catalogs but they have a retail store as well. When I was in there around Christmas, someone drove all the way from Arkansas to shop at the retail shop, to find colors for this cross-stitch crochet afghan, she ended up buying embroidery thread to get the colors she needed. I did not get to see the afghan but the employees were talking about it.

So on our recent trip, Orla and I had to see if they had bamboo yarn for Alessandra's yarn swap and they did in the bargain section. Of course, they also had a bunch of other yarns too.
Orla was really into shopping and had picked much more than I bought.

$.99 yarns to make scarves?

These are definitely a hat and scarf set.

Market bags, I think this thread has been discontinued essentially it is two size 10 threads held together. I wish, I could make these bags faster, then I would sell them.

And yet more thread for flowers, barrettes, and clips.

The only non sale item, it is a scarf in progress. If you ever get to Steven's Point, WI stop by Herrschners.


Libby said...

99 cents yarn! I definitely don't need anymore, but you got a good deal. Never been to WI but I'll check out the website. Great stuff here!

Just be happy! said...

I'm going to check out the website, thank you for sharing!

Doris Sturm said...

I always say I don't need anymore yarn, yet when I go someplace that has a lot of it - and especially on sale - I will buy some. I guess I must be a yarnaholic; -)

Great finds!

Gloria said...

Love the nob hill.

gwen email me and I will email you back the patterns for the hat and gloves. due to copyright laws I can send them via our blog as you know. they where shared with me so I can share them with you.

Love those bags!

Thanks for letting me know about the gluten free recipe I will check it out. I will checkout the mag at the library and copy recipe...i like to think of it as recycling the mag.


Ruth said...

What great deals. Wish I lived closer.