Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yarn Swap and Crochet Office

Ruth was my yarn swap pattern and sent me this wonderful box with a hand crafted note, Bamboo yarn and a whole bag of chocolates, which I shared with friends when they came over to knit and crochet last week.
She also sent this beautiful bag, which I will use greatly since I bring bags to bag my groceries, especially Target trips, they still do not have recyclable bags. Thank you so much Ruth, I mailed a little something to her today, I hope she enjoys.
I know at one time, I may have mentioned my crochet office is my sofa. Recently, I rescued this unused laundry cart from the closet, now it is my crochet office on wheels.


Libby said...

What great swap items you received, and such a cute market bag too! I love your office on wheels and I'm longing after a yarn winder. I just saw one at Knit Picks for a good price. :-)

Ruth said...

I am so happy you liked it all. I had fun making the cute card. Wasn't sure what chocolates to send but I'm glad you liked. I would love to have a group to crochet/knit with.

Love the crochet office on wheels. I have yarn stashed all over this house. LOL


Whimsical Creations said...

Fabulous goodies!!

Alhana said...

Cute office on wheels, ha ha ha. What a wonderful package: yarn, chocolates and a bag! What else could a girl ask for? :-)

Gloria said...

Gwen my crochet office is every corner of my living room ...my yarn is organized but I have pattern, markers, have done projects, hooks, you name it from the coffee table and beyond..........I clean it up and do it all over again........the cart is a good idea....is that on wheels?