Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New and Old

Last week Orla and I had the flu, and missed a few days last week. We are both feeling better, we are not flu shot people so we take our chances. I did manage to crochet a Preppy Tank from Crochet Today, Sep./Oct. '07. I will take pictures soon.

I made some hats recently the multi colored hat is from Crochet Today, it is too floppy for me.

I wrote a pattern for this next hat, usually I make it with a textured yarn, but this time I thought I would just try stripes.

This hat is also my own design, I made another one right away but I haven't written it, yet. I think I need to add a flower.

This hat and fingerless gloves are patterns from Chicks with Sticks. They are both very quick and easy to make.

I made this make-up bag and tweezer case, several years ago with nylon.

I made this hat last fall for a woman, then she wanted different colors, which I then made for her.


Glo said...

Hello Gwen:
You've been a busy hooker. Love all your creations especially the first multi colored hat. I just read like 4 of your blogs playing catch up I have been busy myself but not as much hooking going on as I would like. Your daughter is getting so big and beautiful. Great flower pics.

Just be happy! said...

Wow, you have been busy making hats, gloves!
I would like to try making some fingerless gloves at some point, but I also have been so busy lately... but time will come.
Have a great one!

Doris Sturm said...

Hello Gwen,

Glad to hear you and Orla are feeling better, but I see you used your down time wisely. Very nice hats and fingerless gloves.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day! Stay well!

Doris and Gizzy

Kar said...

Wow! Love all the different hats you came up with! Very nice.