Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthdays and Butterflies

Today, Orla turned 3 years old, and she is wonderful. She is such a joy even when she is being as naughty as she can be. Kevin turned 40 ten days ago, and he stressed about it a year ago, now he is fine with it.

I hope everyone had a very joyous holiday season. I guess I went on vacation from blogging early December. We took our long epic journey to the South Suburban Chicago, and then further up north into Wisconsin, to see family and we had a great time. Orla didn't sleep much in the car but our dog did. When we returned to chilly cold Atlanta after the New Year, our car looked as though we took a trip to the moon, as people looked at our car we laughed.

Anyway, last fall I met someone who spins and plant dyes some gorgeous yarns, which I hope to share next time. She gave me this idea of making a butterfly shawl for Orla, I made one, and then I had to make another. Orla and Kate enjoy being butterflies as much as they enjoy seeing the real one in action.