Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

Once upon a time, a child was looking out the window watching the snow fall. He asked his mother, " What do snowflakes look like?" His mother smiled and simply said, "I wonder." In her mind she was thinking about some snowflakes she saw in a little shop on Etsy. Then she had the idea of how to create some magic for her son. That night while her son was in bed, she secretly ordered those snowflakes. Very soon they arrived in the mail. Each one was delicately unique just as in nature, a lacy crystal of beauty. She set them aside and that night after her son was in bed. She hung them from the very window through which her son was watching the snow fall. The next morning when her son looked out the window, he saw the snowflakes hanging. The look of wonder on his face was an image for her to treasure always!

Create some wonder and magic for you and your child with something as simple as a snowflakes one of nature's delicately fleeting treasures.

The snowflakes will arrive ready to hang from any window bring some beauty to your winter season!

Imagine and enjoy!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Organize and Purge

Yes, it is organizing time again.... going through all the yarn... the endless process for a collector of yarn.  How long should someone hold onto a skein of yarn?  Impulse shopping, with the endless possibility of what can be made.... anyway it is time to put all the fibers together, and purge some of the manufactured fibers.  So this is what my living room looks like now!

By the way, I just watched a wonderfully sad love story on instant Netflix, I was looking for a holiday movie but found Griffin and Phoenix, if you are in need of a good cry, check it out!

Imagine and enjoy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Enter the World of Wee Folk ...

Have you ever wondered... about the home of a gnome.   Well this may be the story of one gnome and his home.

Once upon a time in a grassy green meadow with a river that rounds, there in the middle stands the home of a gnome.   The home of a gnome has a grassy floor in the hollow of a tree.  There near the door is a little window, so a visitor may sneak a peek.  He has a window and a door to keep out the cold of winter and the let in the cool midsummer nights breezes to tickle his nose as he sleeps.  He has a round little bed to rest his head.  A mushroom table that is more than it seems, it holds the sticks.  Well the sticks are the gnome’s and with these sticks he plays.  On chilly afternoon days he may pile them high as for a fire to feel cozy warm inside.  During summer days and night, he may place them this way and that in the shape of a room to sleep under the star filled sky.  Then he may set them out to run races in a path, that walking feet may pass.  His home is surrounded by trees and pine cones to climb.  He has a copper leaf boat to sail the river round.  He shares his home with his hedgehog friend.  They play all day and into the night for that is the way gnomes spend their days.   It is just what they do best.   

You can find this item in my shop.  Ready for the Holidays!!!