Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

I love Spring with all the new life it brings.  Tree branches growing inches longer and flowers with all their glorious color.  This year Spring is inching its way along, we have had time to enjoy and linger with expectation of what will come next.

To our Spring nature table, we added all the felted eggs we made last year, and then made a few more this year....

We cut egg shapes out of felt then embroidered a bit and they were ready to go.  Orla made her very own with her name on it and then another with "I" for I love you.  I think we let Easter linger for a bit as well and then turn our branch into a gratitiude tree.  
Happy Easter!  Enjoy!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Many moons ago I made this cute little purse from 2 macrame rings, and this lovely violet yarn.  

The other kind of fabric I love is batiks, and this one especially, it has some of my favorite colors, and looks mysterious with a bit of copper color.  Anyway one day not so many moons ago I made a lining and then with my sewing machine I added it to my crochet purse.  Now I have a lovely purse, I can continue to treasure as well as use!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Gwengoods: Button Circle Brooch

Gwengoods: Button Circle Brooch

Happy Friday

I dropped off this square this morning at Lovin' Knit, they are yarn bombing a wheel barrow for Stitches South.  For making this square, I received $10 off and used a birthday coupon for 10% to buy these...

They also had a sale and I could not resist adding to my stash, but I behaved fairly well.  I also mailed out these bath spa cloths for a swap....

The left one is a Tunisian Knit Stitch, the middle is knit and cross stitches and the right one is cross tunisian simple stitch.  All with loop hangers.  I am excited to see what I receive in return!

Enjoy and Follow your Bliss!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Over the weekend, I crocheted of course and also did some sewing.  This is a tote I made from a free mini craftsy class.  I first found out about Craftsy last year at Stitches South.  I got a coupon for a free class, so I signed up and enrolled in Jennifer Hansen's Tunsian Crochet.  It is a fun way to learn new techniques, and find all sorts of different interests. Craftsy allows you to really settle into to class, ask questions and offer more than the quick you tube videos.   Sometimes the classes will be on sale and they do offer some free mini classes, I do prefer free or sale items.    This tote is from Kristin Link's Reversable Tote and Zipper pouch.  

So I had the fabric,  and I love paisleys!  Not only did I receive my Grandmother Buttke's knitting needles I also have a sewing basket with some old clasps and zippers.  And this is the only 9" zipper I had, a Kelly Green 9" zipper for 45 cents and she bought it for 25 cents.

If you have not checked out Craftsy it is worth a look.  I like it as another way to to show off your work and possible expand your horizons into some new things.  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Button Circle Brooch

Button Circle Brooch
Button Circle Brooch,
originally uploaded by gwengoods.
My latest submission to Craftgawker. I took this picture outside and hoping it gets accepted.  This picture is my 3rd or 4th submission.  I will keep trying until I have success!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hooks and Recent Acquistions

 Well,  in a previous post I shared my entire yarn stash, which never seems to sway from its current capacity and I thought well lets take a look at all my hooks, and needles.  Yes,  I have needles, I inherited my Grandmother Buttke's knitting needles,  which I keep in this vase.

I have recently bought some bamboo needles, and my friend Stephen makes his own knitting needles from dowel rods.  I use them to play around with remembering how to knit for the girls when they wish to play with knitting.  In the vase on the right, I have a set of Brittany Black Walnut crochet hooks, that I just had to have when Brittany decided they were no longer going to make any more Black Walnut hooks.  Now, they produce strictly birch hooks and they are equally beautiful.

The super tall hook in the middle of this picture is a J. Higgins, 18" S Tunisian Hook, my mom bought me last year at Stitches South.  I made this bath mat with 5 strands of worsted weight cotton held together, Tunisian knit stitch.  It is the softest, thickest bath mat your feet could touch.  

As I have with yarn, I accquire hooks, I believe you can never have too many hooks, and manufacturers continue creating so many.   I recently gave away some glitter acrylic hooks to some of my yarn friends.  These hooks,  I have retired, or stashing them for when I need them.  For instance,  who doesn't need light up hooks for crocheting at night in the car.  Sometime within the last 20 years, Boye stopped making their hooks in the USA, so I have a set of those in this box.  Now Boye hooks are manufactured in China, as are most things we buy. 

In this case I have all my anytime hooks, I use this for everything and anything.  As I contemplate which yarn to choose for a project, I then contemplate which hook should I choose, do I need a comfort grip for a more time consuming project or a basic one if it is a quicky item.  I also bought a Kollage square hook last year at Stitches South and I am wondering if I am going to get another this year.   As you can see I will be trying a Hiya Hiya hook soon too.   

Now onto my most recent acquistions... you may have seen a picture of the V hook, T-shirt rug from the  book, So Pretty Crochet.  Well, I had to find a V hook, and have seen hooks all the way up to Z now.  While trying to acquire a V hook, I am still searching, but I did buy some ChiaGoo bamboo tunisian hooks as well as a R, S, T, and a U hooks from Stitch Dragon, very reasonable prices and inexpensive shipping.  I do shop around.