Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chicken & Rice Soup

Thursday this last week I roasted a chicken in about an hour.  Then took the girls to ballet.  Kevin came home and made some rice.  So today with the leftovers, Orla and I put this soup together.  
I chopped 3 stalks of celery and a 1/4 of an onion.  Into the pan with 2 tbsp of butter and olive oil.
  We added some thyme and oregano,  sliced carrots (3) and 2 cloves of garlic.  Sauteed it until the celery and onions were tender.  
Then we added 2 carttons of chicken broth and rice (1 1/2 cups), then brought it to a boil,   adding some salt and pepper.  
Then we added our leftover chicken and let it simmer about 10 minutes.  To finish it off we added some fresh parsley from our herb garden and wild chives Orla gathered from the park.  

Voila, yummy delicious!!  

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kevin's Scarf Tunisian Tutorial

So once you understand, the basics of Tunisian crochet…. tss (tunisian simple stitch), tks (tunisian knit stitch), trs (tunisian reverse stitch), the vertical bars and the horizontal bars…. then you can play around with stitch variations and the possibilities are endless…

This swatch is of a crossed tss, you skip one vertical bar, tss in next vertical bar, then back to the skipped bar tss, repeating across…

When I made Kevin's scarf with the idea of the cross stitch but modifying it with trs.   So I skipped the first vertical bar, trs in next bar, then tss in skipped bar, and repeated it across creating this look…

And this is how you can do it too….

skip vertical bar, trs in next bar

back to skipped bar, tss in bar
Repeating across then adding your last stitch,  all stitches on the front pass
Basic return pass.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Enter the Wee Folk World

Have you ever wondered... about the home of a gnome. Well this may be the story of one gnome and his home.

Once upon a time in a grassy green meadow with a river that rounds, there in the middle stands the home of a gnome. The home of a gnome has a grassy floor in the hollow of a tree. There near the door is a little window, so a visitor may sneak a peek. He has a window and a door to keep out the cold of winter and the let in the cool midsummer nights breezes to tickle his nose as he sleeps. He has a round little bed to rest his head. A mushroom table that is more than it seems, it holds the sticks. Well the sticks are the gnome’s and with these sticks he plays. On chilly afternoon days he may pile them high as for a fire to feel cozy warm inside. During summer days and night, he may place them this way and that in the shape of a room to sleep under the star filled sky. Then he may set them out to run races in a path, that walking feet may pass. His home is surrounded by trees and pine cones to climb. He has a copper leaf boat to sail the river round. He shares his home with his hedgehog friend. They play all day and into the night for that is the way gnomes spend their days. It is just what they do best.

Everything pictured in the photos is included. 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Item

I listed this Children's Necklace in my shop today.  
Perfect for any occasion!  


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blocking and New Scarf

I made this Wavy Lace Scarf over the summer, with Dragonfly Fibers, Dance Rustic Silk in the color Forget me knot.  It is 100% silk and 450 yards. I blocked this scarf yesterday measuring 10 1/2" by 70".
It is light, lacy and feels wonderful.

This is a scarf for Kevin.  The yarn is Gedifra, Korella, it is 53% Flax and 47% Acrylic.  This is a discontinued yarn I bought at Herrshners Retail Shop, 4 @ $.99.  I think this my first time crocheting with flax and it has an interesting texture.  This scarf is tunisian cross stitch variation with reverse st and simple.  I am enjoying the visual texture it creates.  


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Northern Lights Sky Scarf

Last Spring while at Stitches South, I bought one hank of Madelinetosh Merino light.  This yarn is so silky, soft and this colorway, Spectrum gives me the feeling of looking at a Northern Lights sky. ..

Measuring 10" w by 80" l, I really love this pattern.

Happy New Year!  Enjoy!