Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kevin's Scarf Tunisian Tutorial

So once you understand, the basics of Tunisian crochet…. tss (tunisian simple stitch), tks (tunisian knit stitch), trs (tunisian reverse stitch), the vertical bars and the horizontal bars…. then you can play around with stitch variations and the possibilities are endless…

This swatch is of a crossed tss, you skip one vertical bar, tss in next vertical bar, then back to the skipped bar tss, repeating across…

When I made Kevin's scarf with the idea of the cross stitch but modifying it with trs.   So I skipped the first vertical bar, trs in next bar, then tss in skipped bar, and repeated it across creating this look…

And this is how you can do it too….

skip vertical bar, trs in next bar

back to skipped bar, tss in bar
Repeating across then adding your last stitch,  all stitches on the front pass
Basic return pass.


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