Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spreadsheets and Continuing Education

For my last class, I had the pleasure of meeting Edie Eckman,  she is the auther of several knitting and crochet books... Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, and my latest favorite book, One Skein Wonders Crochet.     The name of this class was Spreadsheet Savvy.  She taught us how to put excel formulas to use for creating designs.
I used Excel at an office job another lifetime ago and just loved playing around with formulas and making graphs and charts.  This class  was fun and there are so many ways to use Excel for designing purposes, especially for grading (sizing) garments.  I can not wait to get started.  Something she said really spoke to me, "Last night I designed a sweater.... in my mind." I have been playing around with a new necklace design since one night in a bit of insomia I designed it.  I have made a swatch, and ready to send it off for submission.

Now with all my new knowledge, I am ready to practice and discover even more.  I have been having fun with the latest issue of Interweave Crochet, I have made and finished two sweaters so far and will be working on 5 more.  Then over the weekend I was at Joann's and could not stop myself from buying Ellen Gormley's, Learn Bruges Lace and Kim Guzman's book, Tunisian Cables to Crochet.

Fun, Fun!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lifters and Uplifting

First, if you have yet to go to a Stitches Event, Go! they have events in all directions... East, South, West  and Midwest.  These events are worth going for the yarn as well as learning opportunites.  whether you knit, crochet or wishing to learn either or both.

The second class, I  picked was Extreme Tunisian with Marty Miller.  I appreciate Marty for sharing her wealth of information and expertise.  She is a former Math teacher as well as crochet expert.   She confirmed my understanding that Tunisian crochet it has infinite possibilities.  As I mentioned in my last blog post about being a squatter or a lifter in crochet, The same is true with Tunisian.  If you have ever explored Tunisian is in know for a curl, The most important tidbit I learned from Marty is if you lift your stitches, (that's right lift)  you can eliminate that curl.  As we all sat making our swatches lifting our stitches we discover how true it is... She share with us 3 different ways to create shorts rows in Tunisian.  I loved how she walked around the room wearing a gorgeous Tunisian Filet vest and  her crochet, helping learn discover and practice... it was great.
Here is one of my short row swatches....

This one is a Ruffle swatch...

The 3rd class and the class that was a must have... From Hobby to Profession, Becoming a designer with the one and only Marly Bird.  I love as well as appreciate Marly for sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise.  It is worth it to go to any Stitches event and meet Marly, I am not kidding. She shared with us her amazing start in the design business.  She knew it is what she wanted to do and she made it happen. Awesome!!   She had us sketch sharing how to make our sketches look better  and how to set up a proposal.  Designing is only one part of what she does.  She teaches classes on Craftsy  as well as Stitches Events.    She has a fabulous podcast ... Yarn thing with Marly Bird, it is great, I am enjoying listening to all her latest episodes as well as past and  I am learning so much.  She gives away prizes every podcast,  awesome!!

 How true it is ...we are all on our own path filled with infinite possibilities.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Squatters and Lifters

I would like to say a big, huge, Thank you to my Mom for buying classes for me at Stitches South this year. She sent me a message just before my birthday, offering to buy me a class at Stitches, so I took a look and knew I would love to take about 4.  She bought me 2 and then surprised me with 2more.  My first class was Getting Started with Japanese Crochet with Gail Roehm.  I really appreciate Gail for sharing her knowledge and offering this class.  Gail, a knitter and crocheter has spent time in Japan and familar with the language gave her class a wealth of information.  If you have ever been on Ravelry and perusing designs, especially free ones, you have seen Pierrot designs.  Japanese designs give charts and schematics both of which I love being a visual thinker.  She taught us how to interpret the gauge, starting points, and hook sizes among other tidbits.
Here is a bit of my work.....

I also learned about squatters and lifters.... squatters have tight and short stitches.  A lifter has nice long or regular length stitches.   I am a squatter, I know this because when I crochet a test gauge, I am right on with the width of the gauge but most times I am short on the length.  I  will strive to be a lifter.

How about you?