Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lace Crochet Bowl #1

One night as I was crocheting with some Size 12 thread which is much thinner in comparison to Size 10 thread.  I was working on a lacy circle,  following a chart more so then the pattern.  For some reason it was curling, essentially, telling me to make it a bowl.   I stiffen snowflakes and earrings, but had yet to make a bowl.  It is the easiest thing ever!  My preferred method for stiffening crochet is a mix Elmer's glue with water.  I found my choice Ziploc plastic, laid my lace bowl over it and started gluing.

Making sure the whole bowl was covered in glue.  

Then I left it to dry overnight and ...

Voila!  A lovely lace bowl!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stringing Beads

Stringing beads is a bit of a chore similar to weaving in ends. Though if you wish to include to beads in your crochet... it has to be done.
I prefer to get a fine gauge beading needles like these.

The kind that twisted together so well that they will not unravel.  Then I lay out my bead mat and  pour out the beads.  Then is time to load one of my favorite movies,  one I know by heart.  I pour  a glass of my preferred beverage and I am ready....
to scoop, and scoop and scoop!

I  push my beads into a pyramid and then keep scooping and.... 

scooping and scooping.

Once the movie is finished, I  will be ready to create my fabulous bead crochet creation!  
If you string beads what works for you?


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shawl Love

 I have had this America's Perle Cotton for a very long time and the Graceful Lace for about two years.  Though the pattern works with lace weight yarns your hook size is a "F".  
When starting this shawl, I felt the Graceful Lace (it is like a 00 lace weight) needed to double with another yarn. 
and held it together with Halycon Size 10 cotton thread

I have just started the last section and have 13 more rows to go.  It is so pretty and a fun pattern.  
 The perfect accessory for chilly indoors during Summer!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring 2014

This Spring issue of Interview Crochet has been through some wear and tear, in and out of my yarn bag.  I love this issue, it is filled with a multitude of fun and fabulous projects.  It all started with the Convergence top on the cover. Then I started and finished Vilma Waistcoat, the Mentha Cardigan, the Garden Dress, the Clara bows ...

and this sweet gem, the Lace About Kerfchief from Vickie Howell.  

Now, I am currently working on the Butter Cream Shawl along with a few other goodies.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Harlow Handbag

 A couple of years ago, I discovered Namaste handbags at a local yarn shop and knew in an instant they were fabulous handbags.  They look amazing and are really well made.  
My thoughts kept continuing ...soon I knew that someday I would just have to have one.   

Anyone who has a Namaste bag always says how much they "Love It!"

So I kept thinking and waiting for just the right time.  At Stitches South this year, I saw that they might be there and wondering if this was going to be my big chance.   I knew if I was going to buy one it would be the Harlow,  and either eggplant or Caribbean color.  So, I walked into the Stitches Market this year,  thinking yes I want one, but do I really need one, trying to exercise self-control.  When it comes to anything Crochet or yarn related, being totally honest with myself... 

I have no self-control.  By the end of the day Friday, I had a Caribbean Harlow and... 

I love it! I also received these freebies too.  Since I waited two years to buy one...

maybe I do have a bit of Self-Control? 

Be sure to visit Namaste and see which handbag is right for you! They are a company that focuses on positivity and truly wonderful people.  Follow them on Facebook for daily dose of optimism!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Gifts

I love my family so much... it all started Saturday morning when my daughter asked me if I wanted chocolates for Mother's Day and I said, sure.  Then I also told her about a new crochet book I would love to have too.  She wrote down the title and off they went to get theses gifts.  

She sure did deliver (and Kevin too),  we enjoyed the chocolates together and then she asked me to make her a zombie doll with a few of her own details.  

I love Orla and Kevin so much,  they are so wonderful and cute!


Monday, May 12, 2014

On the newsstand

 I just happened to need to go to Barnes &Noble yesterday (Happy Mother's Day by the way).
And whenever I walk into B&N, I look for any new magazines to grace their shelves and.....
it's  HERE!!!...

Once a year Vogue Knitting publishes a fantastic and inspiring Crochet Edition.  Just by reading the first few pages, I discovered so many tidbits to explore... such as Furls Crochet Hooks.  These hooks are not only gorgeous but so incredibly healthy for your hands.  Check out this video.  They top of my list of crochet goodies to covet.   Since my birthday has past and now Mother's Day too... A Furls hook is at the top of my Christmas list....


Friday, May 9, 2014

Ready for Summer

This is Jenny King's Carry-all bag.  It is a quick project, I found on my Facebook feed from Crochet magazine.  It is made with a round base and love knot in the round.  I love meshy bags like this not only for grocery items but for wet swimsuits after a day at the pool.  All you need is 1 ball of Size 3 thread, a D hook and in one evening to create your own Carry-all.
So if you like Crochet magazine on Facebook,  you can get a glimpse at all the fabulous crochet items plus tutorials and info for sale items from Annie's attic.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I won these beautiful knitting needles listening to Marly Bird's Yarnthing Podcast.  Check Indian Lake Artisans to find these needles.  I found on this Ravelry, it is a drop stitch scarf pattern by Christine Vogel.  So far so good.  Enjoy!