Thursday, May 15, 2014

Harlow Handbag

 A couple of years ago, I discovered Namaste handbags at a local yarn shop and knew in an instant they were fabulous handbags.  They look amazing and are really well made.  
My thoughts kept continuing ...soon I knew that someday I would just have to have one.   

Anyone who has a Namaste bag always says how much they "Love It!"

So I kept thinking and waiting for just the right time.  At Stitches South this year, I saw that they might be there and wondering if this was going to be my big chance.   I knew if I was going to buy one it would be the Harlow,  and either eggplant or Caribbean color.  So, I walked into the Stitches Market this year,  thinking yes I want one, but do I really need one, trying to exercise self-control.  When it comes to anything Crochet or yarn related, being totally honest with myself... 

I have no self-control.  By the end of the day Friday, I had a Caribbean Harlow and... 

I love it! I also received these freebies too.  Since I waited two years to buy one...

maybe I do have a bit of Self-Control? 

Be sure to visit Namaste and see which handbag is right for you! They are a company that focuses on positivity and truly wonderful people.  Follow them on Facebook for daily dose of optimism!


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vicki said...

ooh it's beautiful, I've long lusted after one too. Enjoy it!