Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lace Crochet Bowl #1

One night as I was crocheting with some Size 12 thread which is much thinner in comparison to Size 10 thread.  I was working on a lacy circle,  following a chart more so then the pattern.  For some reason it was curling, essentially, telling me to make it a bowl.   I stiffen snowflakes and earrings, but had yet to make a bowl.  It is the easiest thing ever!  My preferred method for stiffening crochet is a mix Elmer's glue with water.  I found my choice Ziploc plastic, laid my lace bowl over it and started gluing.

Making sure the whole bowl was covered in glue.  

Then I left it to dry overnight and ...

Voila!  A lovely lace bowl!

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