Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Upcycling -Notion Keepers

All sorts of different things could be used to keep track of your notions.  Tins of all sorts, plastic candy tins, and bead tube.  Even old stationery boxes are perfect items to keep all necessary notions in a crochet life.   I keep all these kind of items, they just become handy keepers for all sorts of things...
These are a few of my upcycled notion keepers. The long rectangle with Knitting needles once contained chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  Tic Tacs boxes are great for tapestry needles or even stitch markers.  
 When I bought these chocolate nibs at Trader Joe's,  I  liked the tin and didn't care for the nibs after all. Now it is perfect keeper for my stitch markers.    Ooh!  and I have had this gem.....

A beautiful stationery box, I received it as a gift from one of my Aunt, many, many years ago.  The perfect keeper for beads and filament thread.

What kinds of keepers do you have?


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