Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP -Wednesday

A while back I signed up for the Fiesta Yarns enewsletter.  Each week I receive a free pattern offer on Thursdays and sale updates.  During their birthday bash sale (free shipping and 40% off) this caught my eye...
Rayon Boucle, 100% Rayon, 240 yds. part of the Meditation Series, in Energry.  Each yarn is kettle dyed and arrives within 3-4 weeks allowing the ideas and anticipation to build.

  Maybe it is a Mandala week.  In an effort to have pictures for all my Ravelry projects, last night I started working up the Star Flower Mandala from Zooty Owl...
 With my Nazli Gelin thread and a B hook I am ready to start Round 14 and finish this lovely today.

But that is not all, I have more....

secret designs...the top is a Tunisian something with Red Heart Wool.  In the cute tote is a lace something with Noro Taiyo Lace.  

Both of which debuting soon! 


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