Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hard or Rigid Crochet

So my gnome home is finished and is in my shop....

As I was creating this gnome home, I thought (is this Hard Crochet?) so I went to my...
reference book.  I bought this copy of Hard Crochet, in 2003 for $8.74.  
You can possibly find it at your local library.

 Mark Dittrick is a 1970's Crochet designer whom after much practice and research created the Hard Crochet method.  One part of this method is using a much smaller hook then may be regularly used.  For instance crocheting a worsted weight yarn with a B hook or smaller.  
He is know for his hats among other sculpture pieces.  

I am enjoying reading his book.  I really like his sense of writing style.  Kathryn Vercillo of wrote a wonderful blogpost about Mark and his method of Hard Crochet.  

So did I create hard crochet with the gnome home, no.  I created rigid crochet.  Rigid crochet will hold it shape and is just as fun to make.  

Here is another look inside my gnome home...


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