Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CAL - Dogwood Scarf

Crochet me is doing a crochet along of Suzann Thompson's Dogwood Scarf.  This is a great way to work on skills and make something fabulous.

Thinking I will use thread, the next decision is what hook size to use.

Last night, I made some flowers and leaves with a D hook...

Then I made some with a size 7 steel hook...
Both look great, the D hook flower has a more lacy look then the 7 steel hook flowers.  

So I think I will use a D hook for this project or a combination of both.  

I have heard people say thread it is too small and you have to use those tiny hooks, but I say not necessarily thread is a adaptable to more than just steel hooks.

Would I use a J hook for thread probably not but B-F hooks, definitely, Yes!


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