Friday, June 26, 2015

Packing & Moving

We are packing again...

and moving to a house of our own.    Last year when we left Atlanta and all our friends there, all we knew for sure is we would be closer to family and everything else would fall into place.  We are so very grateful to my Grandpa G, Aunt and Mom for allowing us to live in my Grandparents home and recover from the cost of moving.

We set Orla up in school, I found a job and Kevin found a very good teaching job, he loves in a different town about 2 hours away from where we were living.   He would spend the school week at a friends house and would come see us on the weekends.  We survived this last school year but we all want to be together, so in April we started looking for a house.  

We looked at several houses, we liked some and others not so much.  

Then our Realtor called us about a house on a Wednesday, Kevin walked through it with her on Thursday after school, while I looked at pictures on the computer here.  He liked it and I liked the pictures, we knew if we were to get this house we would have to move fast.  

The very next morning, Friday,  I called the Realtor and we made an offer, by that afternoon our offer was accepted.   Orla and I looked our house for the first time later that day with Kevin.  It was the first time our realtor ever had a wife decide to buy a house without seeing it. 

Now it is time to pack up and move to our house.   The best part is we will all be together again.  

The second best thing is I will have a yarn room, a studio.  

Ta-ta for now!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Warm-up America Block

My local knitting and crochet group is working on some Warm-up America blankets to donate locally in our area.   So I set to work with some, I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby and an I hook,  made this...
a Tunisian block.  

Here is the pattern...

Size: 7" x 9" 

With a worsted wt. yarn and an I hook or hook needed to obtain size.

Remember tunisian has a foward row (the stitches worked across) and a return row.

(Return) Row:  Yo, pull through 1 lp, [yo, pull through 2 lps] across until 1 lp remains on hook. 

Chain 24.  

Set-up Row:  Insert hook into each chain across and Return. 
Rows 1 & 2 :  TKS in each st across and Return.
Row 3:  TKS, TPS across and Return.
Row 4:  TPS, TKS across and Return.
Rep Rows 3 & 4:  until measures 8 1/2".
Next Row: TKS and Return.  
Last Row:  TKS slst in each st across.   Fasten off and weave in ends.  


Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Crochet- Tubular

Gearing up for a weekend of Crochet, and thinking about trying this...
tube Crochet with my own little twist.  

I am inspired by designer, Claudette Squazzini, she writes, alternate colors creatively as the mood strikes you, changing colors in the middle of a round or at the end.

  That sounds like so much fun!  


Thursday, June 18, 2015

TBT- Magic Crochet

My friend Ashley gave me these...
a stack of vintage thread crochet magazines. 
Most of them are Magic Crochet but a few are Decorative Crochet.  

I am in thread heaven, immersed in inspiration.  


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Craftsy Class

Yesterday on facebook I saw this new class on Craftsy....
and it is on sale today for $14.99.  That is an awesome deal!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day Off

After a long weekend of puppy (Hannah the Handful) and dog (Igor) sitting for my dad, we had to take a day off.  

We made a cake from scratch...
It is this recipe, and we added raspberry spread between the layers then finished it off with a lemon glaze, all Orla's idea.  It is delicious.  

Then I finished painting my Scrumble...
I think it will be a brooch...


Thursday, June 11, 2015

TBT- Old as New

Modular Crochet by Judith Copeland,  originally copyrighted 1978...
is back in print.

 For everyone interested in exploring classic Crochet techniques.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finished Object -Wednesday

The Easy Earrings are finished...

and ready for blocking...
When stiffening jewelry, I like to brush the glue on the back side so the front retains its soft cotton feel.  I mix equal parts Elmers white glue and water.  


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Easy Earrings

Today I am trying these easy earrings...
It is a pattern from Jeanne Fabre and you can find it here.  I am using a C hook and size 5 thread.

Also, follow me on Instagram  to see the painting progress of my scrumble.  


Monday, June 8, 2015

First Scrumble

 After watching game 2 of the Stanley Cup, (Go Blackhawks!) Saturday night, I started my first scrumble.  I am finding that sometimes it is best to work for a time and then stop.  Set it down let your mind tinker a bit or go to bed at a reasonable time instead of working into weariness.

 So yesterday, picking up my scrumble with fresh eyes as well as a rested body and continued...
   Making scrumble is a journey from mind to hand.  Allowing your mind wander into the stitches going one way, then another into bullions, popcorns, ruffles, loops....

Now what to do with it?  

to be continued....



Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy Friday! - Tips & Tricks

There is something so enjoyable in lovely stationery and the homes in which they dwell...
Once you have sent all those notes within a box, then it can have a new life as something else...
Index cards or project cards are a perfect way to label your projects,  noting your hook and stitch pattern.  In doing so allows your project lasting power to withstand, should your attention be drawn elsewhere, it happens to the best of us.  

With two paper punches is another trick, you can make your very own labels...
and tag those motifs and such like this...
So you know the name of the pattern you would love to make again without spending time, wondering and searching to find it.  


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIP -Grace Necklace

Today I am stringing beads....

and going to make my Grace necklace...
for my shop.  

When stringing beads, I measure how many beads are in an inch...
so I know how many to string on and the number of beads used.  
The thread is Cotton thread in Terra Rosa from Hobby Lobby and 
the beads are silver lined clear, size 10. 


Monday, June 1, 2015

Search and Find Motifs

Orla has a plentitude of crochet embellishments and clips, like this one....

I made it years ago, thinking (ooh that is so neat, I should make more), 
and then thinking what pattern is it?

So, then I start looking through books trying to find it, and looking through this book...
I was sidetracked by the Irish Eyes motif and had to make it right away...
As you can see this motif is perfect for practicing Clones Knot. 

Then back to finding the circle motif, I thought I should check this book...
and right on the cover is motif #13.