Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday -Weaving in Ends

Can you tell that weaving in ends is not my favorite part of Crochet?
I finished this very colorful cardigan last month.  I am still working on weaving in ends.  Sometimes I do a count down 20 more ends to go, 10 more ends to go. Or think of it as once I start and finish it really will not take that much time at all...


Monday, October 12, 2015

My Hair Clip Story

It is so much fun to dress up girls hair.  My daughter has always enjoyed wearing hair clips and barrettes.  Unfortunately, sometimes her hair snags in the small grommet at the end of the clip, pulling her hair as she takes out the clip.  
clip story5.JPGHair clips should not have to hurt.  

After seeing some wool covered hair clips, I wondered, “Could I make a crochet cover?” So I set to work designing and creating a crochet cover for hair clips.  I have created a durable custom hair clip cover that is soft and gentle on hair.  The hair clips I create are either solid or multicolor cotton thread.  I enjoy making them this way to create a simple look or to enable crafty customers to add their own creative embellishments.  Some of these could include glueing or sewing on buttons, beads or miniature flowers, or adding a layer of glitter glue adding a bit of sparkle.
clip story1.JPG
But then for non-crafty customers I create flower and embellishments.  These flowers or embellishments have a loop on the back to slip on and off creating a variety of looks.
clip story2.JPG clip story3.JPG
To quote my daughter, “I love all the hair clips my mom has made for me and my friends.  I change flowers on my clips all the time, and they never pull at my hair.”
clip story orla.JPG

My Crochet hair clips are available in three different sizes encompassing all types of hair from thin to thick and any age level.  I only use cotton thread because of  its naturally soft feel.
I have just about any color imaginable and happy to take custom orders.  As a Crochet artisan my work is always evolving as think of new ideas to try.  


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Hair Clips

I finally got around to taking pictures of these clips I made recently...
This trio is Orange, Purple and Black

they are medium size clips measuring 2 inches...

cotton soft to the touch and snag free. 

You can take another look here.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy Friday Treasury...

Here is another lovely treasury.  This includes one of my necklaces...

Pretty in Pink